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Sadaqah Jariyah: Charity In Islam

Islam teaches that you can donate and be rewarded in many ways. Sadaqah jariyah(which is a type of charity that pays back after the reward is received, is one method. It is possible to plant seeds to create trees. When they reach maturity they’ll shade your on hot days , and keep you warm through winter. Your good deeds won’t end there. The fruit they produce will continue to provide nourishment throughout the years.

Jariyah is the Arabic word for charity. There are many types of jiraiya’s you can give towards and we have selected five of the most important examples that show how you can take part with this kind of charity. We hope you are inspired by these ideas to continue helping people through sadaqah.

The process of sponsoring a child or orphan

There are millions of children around the world who have been denied education or lack the essential abilities needed to be successful. This is unfortunate since these children will not be able to appreciate the value of education. We can assist them to reach their goals by offering quality early childhood development programs which provide the essential foundations for understanding other viewpoints and the way they are respected.

In order for future generations to lead healthier lives, we must all work together.

It’s not often thought about that people can have a positive impact on their children’s future. However, it is a way to ensure the success of numerous families and individuals. By sponsoring a child, you can make sure that they are able to access to resources and abilities to aid them in the future. The impact of your sponsorship is far-reaching beyond those who are aided through Children’s sponsorship programs.

Education / Skills/ Teaching Inspiring others to be aware of Islam

Islam is a religion that rewards those who share knowledge. As Muslims, we have the responsibility to help all living beings. We must also encourage others to this faith by giving them accurate information so that they too can benefit from the advantages of connecting with God by praying, for example. Learning to understand the Holy Quran brings a reward even after death , because each time your student is able to recite or teach another his/her mantra, then both of them will benefit. Make a difference instead of just passing away someday.

Construction of a Water Well

Imagine living without drinking water that is safe to drink. It’s not easy to access the most basic of needs for daily living But what happens in the event that you were to lose it? It would be impossible to go about your day and take care of yourself or work in a place where good hygiene practices are important (think healthcare). The situation is made more difficult when you consider the fact that many of the developing nations don’t have the resources to them on their own. They depend heavily on assistance from abroad which usually comes with little other reward than gratitude.

Participating in the Construction of the Mosque, School, or Hospital

To reap the benefits of a significant amount Many people of faith make donations to mosques, schools, or other institutions. You could also contribute your money and time to help build an orphanage. This is only one way to show how giving back will give you a greater sense of satisfaction than buying something with all the prayer points.

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