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Web Design Trends For Smart Business Owners

Mobile First

Designers and developers are increasingly developing websites that focus on smartphones, since that is where the bulk of their revenues come from. It is crucial that web designers and developers have prior knowledge of designing apps to ensure good UX for smaller screens. This can help them create an app-based website which requires special care due to its limited dimensions.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

The April rains are bringing May flowers This is the reason you’re getting more vibrant colors and rounded corners on websites. Backgrounds have evolved from using 90deg angles to design elements like avatars for profile or input on forms. Nowadays, you can make use of intriguing angles to keep your users interested. Your website should keep up with the latest fashions to increase trust between your company and potential clients. This will enable them to purchase from you but also suggest your services and boost sales exponentially.

More Animations and Interactions

Due to the advances in web technology like jQuery, animated websites are growing in popularity. These scripts enable you to transform your website into more than only a place to read printed texts. They also allow interaction between the user (and elements on the page) that was previously limited by the capabilities of images.

Websites are increasingly interactive. With no need to resort to the 1990s ugly design slide transitions on pages and information panels can be used to make your website appear more engaging. These methods boost interactivity and can drive users to profitable activities, that can lead to more visitors per visit (RPV).


Companies are increasingly employing the HTML5 tag to safeguard their websites and ensure they remain operating. There are a variety of platforms that let you host video content, which includes streaming. This has led more companies to decide they can accomplish this better than YouTube and other third-party providers. These tags enable the company’s videos to be seamlessly integrated into your site. They also give you the possibility of a wider selection of choices for players.

Video Backgrounds

With the growing popularity of videos as backgrounds, you can utilize these backgrounds to your advantage. This will increase the engagement of customers. They can increase conversion rates because they provide more information than conventional images. Additionally, video content is more accessible for those who aren’t able to read the text.

Backgrounds with video are an excellent way to increase brand recognition and increase the number of people who come back. It’s been proven all over the world, in addition to for certain kinds of backgrounds like video marketing or eCommerce content strategies that assist you in expanding your business with more time on-site while also boosting the level of engagement with customers.

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