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Yemen Emergency Appeal – Donate To Help Yemen Today

Yemen is currently in a state of crisis for humanitarian reasons. The world’s most deadly cholera outbreak has killed thousands and caused hundreds of thousands more sick and hunger strikes are continuing throughout the country as the people peacefully protest their oppression government forces , who are accused of conducting uncontrolled bombing attacks against rebel-held areas , with no concern for the lives of civilians or infrastructure targets.

16 million people go hungry every day in Yemen as well as an health system that’s been essentially destroyed by more than seven years of conflict and war, there’s nowhere to turn. There’s nowhere else to turn to for assistance than the comfort of home, be it dead or alive. COVID19 victims are starving as doctors lack the resources to provide them with the care they need. They’re too distracted fighting each other rather than trying to save their lives.

The conditions in the country’s poor have made it a fertile breeding site for HIV-related sexual transmission. 4 million people live in poverty, without a place to call home. Food prices continue rising and wages remain in the low range. This means that not enough funds can be spent on essential necessities like drinking water that is safe and health care. This is the reason it will be almost impossible to manage this epidemic without help from the outside. But, we need to act swiftly before it’s too to late.

The Yemenite people have been fighting against the spread of Cholera for a long time until now, however they are not entirely safe at this point. There could be some hope due to international organizations like Save The Children USA and World Vision UK supporting them along COVID-19.

How Welfare Trusts can be used to assist Yemenis

In times of immense suffering, the welfare trusts have helped millions with lifesaving water and food. They also distribute COVID-19 hygiene kits to prevent the spread of the deadly virus that has already claimed many lives in Yemen.

In Yemen the welfare trusts have been working hard over the past few years to assist the most in need. They continue delivering humanitarian aid under extreme circumstances where they are in conflict and have difficulty getting to their destinations, which is the main reason why there is the need for international organizations like them.

In a period when many are struggling to get by We’re happy to know that help is readily available for those in need. We’re hopeful that by working with local organizations and helping people get cash and food will help them get out of hunger.

Numerous generous donors have donated their time and money to give women in Yemen an opportunity to live a better life. A welfare trust maternity hospitals are funded through generous donations so that mothers can have their babies safely without facing health risks or water deficiency during labor. Rehabilitation centers provide post-birth treatment that includes the provision of medication when needed and psychological assistance prior to mothers returning into society again.

In response to COVID-19 numerous welfare trusts are providing hygiene kits for families living in makeshift camps and delivering safe water so that it can be used by public institutions such as hospitals and schools.

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